AXIS P1425-LE Mk II 2 Megapixel Network Camera Monochrome Color 0960-001

August 3, 2017
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AXIS Mk P1425-LE Price and Specs:

  • AXIS 0960-001: Weight: 1.76 lb
  • Optical Zoom: 3.5x
  • Connectivity Technology: Cable

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C 005 Speaker System Ceiling Mountable White 0834-001 vs AXIS 0960001

0834-001: C2005 roof Speaker Makes Audio Smart And Easy, And Opens Up A money Of New Possibilities. The Speakers Are Perfect For Background Music And For Live And Scheduled Announcements In Retail Stores. Audio Made Easy C2005 Is A Complete High-quality Audio System In A Single Unit. There”s No Need For An Amplifier, Mixer, Digital Signal Processor, Streaming Functionality, Microphone Or Power Supply Because They”re All fitted. And Because It”s Preconfigured, You Don”t must be A Sound Expert To Set It Up. In Other Words, C2005 Simply Works And Sounds Great Right Out Of The Box. Plus, A fitted Auto Speaker-test Function Means You may be Confident it’ll Keep On Working. C2005 Connects To Your present Ip And It”s Powered Over A Single Power Over Ethernet Cable. Audio Made Smart Since C2005 Is A Solution, It may be joint Into A adaptable And Scalable System Where it’s Easy To Add Or Remove Speakers In An Instant. By Creating Zones to deal with some Speakers simultaneously, it’s Possible To Direct Different Background Music, Or Live Or Scheduled Announcements, also As Control And Change The Volume For Each Unit Individually And at the same time. This Way you may be able to Send Your Customers The Best Music And Most economical Messaging To The Right Place, At The Right Time. C2005 Can Run Onboard Applications like Music Streaming. You may also Create And Schedule Local Playlists That may be Stored On An Sd Card Directly On The Speaker System. Schedule Your Announcements To tell Your Customers About Opening Hours Or Share Your new Campaign. Announcements may be activated By Events Captured By A Surveillance, like Someone Passing An Exit The Wrong Way. With C2005 You may also Easily Make Live Voice Announcements, like Help Needed At Cash Out. Audio Made Open Our Audio Player Application Is Pre-installed On C2005. It Has Support. (0834-001)

Communications 0637-001 P14 8-E Fixed Outdoor 4K 1 FS 3.3-9.8 Remote FCS ZM WDR PR -0637-001

PR#-0637-001: P1428-E is a compact, outdoor-prepared bullet-style. This day and night is ideal for 24/7 video surveillance, in exposed outdoor regions like parking lots, service stations and for general indoor surveillance reasons where a compact is required. P1428-E gives 8. 3 MP/4K super HD resolution at 30 frames per second. When using a regular HDTV monitor or a 4K monitor, the high resolution will improve the possibilities to magnify any part of the scene to pull crisp forensic video from big regions. The support for Digital Autotracking makes it possible to cover big regions with one single. The application automatically detects, zooms in on and follows moving objects. This helps live monitoring by helping the operator to effectively discover and handle incidents. The P-iris control gives best depth of field, resolution, image contrast and clearness. The cost-efficient, compactly intended offers many H. 264 and Motion JPEG streams that may be individually optimized for bandwidth and storage efficiency. P1428-E offers support for edge storage that lets recording video straight to a storage like a microSD/SDHC card, thus creating a adaptable and dependable video surveillance system. P1428-E has a compact low weight casing and integrated bracket for wall or roof mount. To more change installation, a large range of mounting accessories are available. P1428-E offers easy installation with remote zoom and concentrate for good tuning of the picture from a computer as opposed to at the itself. Also, the pixel counter assures that the obliged pixel resolution is met. Power over Ethernet supplies power to the s via the, which removes the need for power cables and decreases installation costs. The input/output port may be used for simple notice to an alarm panel or control of a relay or alike. The input is ideal, for example, when using a PIR sensor. (PR#-0637-001)

Communications B09 830 M 0 5-LE B092830 vs AXIS 0960-001

B092830: Small Bullet-style fitted Ir Illumination Outdoor-prepared Hdtv 1080p ‘ ‘ Zip stream Technology M2025-le Is A Small Bullet-style That Offers Excellence At A amazingly cheap Price. It Has fitted Ir Illumination And Hdtv 1080p Video Quality, And It’ ‘ s A Perfect Choice When You Need Small, Easy-to-install s Both Outdoors And In. Cheap Excellence With Its fitted Ir Led And Hdtv 1080p Image Quality, M2025-le Delivers High-resolution Surveillance In The black. A Single Covers A large 115 degrees Horizontal Field Of View, Which Helps Keep Costs Low. Wdr Forensic catch Optimizes Footage Of Backlit Scenes For Forensic reasons. And For Monitoring Long, Narrow regions, ‘ ‘ Corridor Format gives A portrait-shaped Video Stream That Maximizes Image Quality And removes Bandwidth And Storage Waste. Also, ‘ ‘ Zip stream Technology Also considerably decreases Storage And Bandwidth, While making sure That Important Details Are Captured In Full Image Quality. Top Performance In Tough Environments M2025-le Can Withstand Temperatures As Low As 30 degrees c And As High As 50 degrees c. It Comes With An Integrated Sunscreen For Protection Against Sun And Rain. And With Ip66 And Nema 4x Ratings, It’ ‘ s tolerant To Rough Weather, Dust, Sand Salt Spray, Ice Formation And High Water Pressure. Installation That’ ‘ s As Easy As 1, 2, 3 Small, Lightweight And Factory Focused, M2025-le Is Easy And Cost economical To Install. A Spacious, Sealed Back Box, guards the Cable And Makes Service Fast And Easy. The Is Easy to manage, And Its large Field Of View assures Coverage Wherever You decide To Place It: Outdoors Or In, On Walls, Ceilings, Poles, Or In Corners. Or Use The Optional Recessed Wall Or roof Mount For Extra-discreet Surveillance. (B092830)

0804-001 M3045-V Motion JPEG AXIS 0804-001 vs AXIS Mk P1425-LE’s for sale

AXIS 0804-001 vs AXIS 0960-001: M3045-V is a fuller shown cheap fixed mini dome surveillance. It features HDTV 1080p video quality and an HDMI output for live streaming to a public monitor. Offering excellent video quality at an cheap price, its perfect for stores, hotels, schools, banks and offices. M3045-V gives you sharp HDTV 1080p video quality. The offers a horizontal field of view of 106. And it comes with large Dynamic Range technology for good detail when light levels differ. Zipstream technology decreases storage and bandwidth by up to 50, while capturing important details in full image quality. Video streams may be encoded in H. 264 and Motion JPEG. And for monitoring long, narrow regions, Corridor Format gives a portrait-shaped video stream. It maximizes image quality, while eliminating bandwidth and storage waste. Thanks to digital pan/zoom/tilt potential and multi-view streaming, M3045-V allows you to view separate video streams of zoomed-in sections of a picture simultaneously as you view the full overview image. This may be done with a single which keeps the installation and maintenance time and costs low. Plus it’s another way that M3045-V minimizes bandwith and storage needs. M3045-V features an HDMI output that allows you to connect your s to a public monitor to show you have video surveillance in place. Small and compact, M3045-V may be mounted on walls or roof as you favor. And you may be able to easily repaint it to blend in with any environment. A black casing is available as an accessory. To keep implementation costs low, M3045-V is intended for fast and easy installation. No concentrating is needed because it comes factory focused. And with its 3 angle modification, it may be easily leveled and directed in any direction. M3045-V is vandal and dust tolerant for best performance and minimal downtime. (AXIS 0804-001)

Communications Q1614-E HDTV 7 0p Day &amp Night Outdoor-Ready 1MP 50 60fps Frame Rate Dynamic Capture and Lightfinder PoE IP Axis 0551-001

Axis 0551-001 compared to AXIS 0960-001: Q16 Series comprises indoor and outdoor-prepared fixed s that deliver remaining image quality in calling for video surveillance conditions, like poor or greatly variable lighting. Package Contents: Q1614-E Stand Connector Kit ResiTorx20 Tool Installation Guide Installation and Management Software CD Windows Decoder 1-user License Wall Mount Bracket Sunshield Product Type: Protocols: SOCKS Protocols: ARP Protocols: DHCP Protocols: ICMP Protocols: RTCP Protocols: IGMP Protocols: UDP Protocols: TCP Protocols: RTP Protocols: RTSP Protocols: NTP Protocols: DynDNS Protocols: DNS Protocols: SNMP Protocols: SNMP Protocols: UPnP Protocols: Bonjour Protocols: SMTP Protocols: SMB/CIFS Protocols: FTP Protocols: DiffServ Protocols: SSL/TLS Protocols: HTTPS Protocols: HTTP Protocols: IPv6 Protocols: IPv4 Product Type: maker Part Number: 0551-001 restricted Warranty: 3 Year Weight : 7. 70 lb Supported: Supported: Connectivity Technology: Cable Form Factor: Wall Mount Supported: Supported: Connectivity Technology: Cable Form Factor: Wall Mount maker: Communications Product Model: Q1614-E Product Name: Q1614-E Video Formats: Motion JPEG Video Formats: MPEG-4 Video Formats: H. 264 Optical Zoom: 2. 8x Brand Name: Product Series: Q16 Optical Zoom: 2. 8x Brand Name: Height: 2. 3 Width: 3. 2 Depth: 5. 4 Image Sensor Size: 1/3 Maximum Video Resolution: 1280 x 960 Maximum Focal Length: 8 mm Minimum Focal Length: 2. 80 mm Image Sensor Type: CMOS Ethernet Technology: Fast Ethernet : Yes Product Family: Q16 Maximum Video Resolution: 1280 x 960 Maximum Focal Length: 8 mm Minimum Focal Length: 2. 80 mm Image Sensor Type: CMOS efficient Resolution: 1 : Yes. (Axis 0551-001)

Communications 0815-001 P3707-Pe 8MP Multi 4X1080P AXIS 0815-001 vs P1425-LE AXIS Mk reviewed

AXIS 0815-001 : Get a 360 overview or a mix of overviews and close-ups with P3707-PE. The 8 multisensor fixed has four varifocal heads to catch scenes in different directions in large or zoomed-in views. Generally a four in-one unit, P3707-PE offers a cost-efficient solution for the surveillance of big indoor and outdoor regions like in retail stores, shopping malls, warehouses, lobbies of schools, hotels and offices, and parking lots. It’s also ideal for use at the intersection of hallways, aisles and roads, and at the corner of buildings. With four heads in one body, P3707-PE is cost-efficient, not only when compared with the price of four standard varifocal s of comparable performance. Installation is made easier with only one cable instead of four. One cable also decreases the number of ports obliged on a switch. And the s one IP address means it requires only one software license fee with most video management systems. Also, the is powered through Power over Ethernet, which removes the have to access a close power outlet. P3707-PE also has low power intake, using max. 5. 5 W. The supports Zipstream technology, which is useful when streaming 8 videos. Each varifocal lens of P3707-PE lets installers to optimize the field of view to meet the surveillance prerequisite: large for overview surveillance, and telephoto for zoomed-in views when greater detail is required. For best positioning, each head has the flexibility to slide +/-90 along a round track. Each also has a tilt of 28 to 92. For capturing vertically oriented scenes like long corridors and roads, each head can rotate 90 to support Corridor Format. (AXIS 0815-001)

Communications 0906-004 Q6054-E 60HZ PTZ PR -0906-004

PR#-0906-004 compared to AXIS 0960-001: High light sensitivity HDTV 720p and 30x optical zoom concentrate recall Zipstream technology Vandal-tolerant For calling for conditions Sweeping overviews and zoomed-in detail. Instant concentrate and good image quality in low light. Q6054-E is an advanced outdoor-prepared PTZ dome that gives you all that. Intended for calling for conditions, it is ideal for surveillance at airports, train stations, arenas, and in any city-surveillance scenario anywhere you need fast and exact, round-the-clock pan/tilt/zoom operation. In concentrate in an instant concentrate recall helps you get more out of your Q6054-E in challenging light conditions. There is no have to concentrate manually or wait the second or two it takes for autofocus to change. Concentrate recall gives you instant concentrate in low-contrast scenes or scenes with point-shaped light resources like headlights in oncoming traffic. Good image quality around the clock Q6054-E features a sensor that makes it greatly light sensitive. That means you may be able to count on good image quality when in low light. Q6054-E includes WDR, which assures excellent detail when there are both bright and darker regions in a scene. Sharp pictures. Low bandwidth. Q6054-E includes ‘ Zipstream technology, which considerably lowers bandwidth and storage prerequisites while preserving high-quality pictures A that can take it With a robust aluminum casing, Q6054-E can withstand temperatures as low as 50 C and as high as 60 C. Arctic temperature control assures safe start-up at temperatures down to 40 C, after a power failure. And with IP66, NEMA 4X and IK10 ratings, you may be able to rest guaranteed that the housing is tolerant to both severe weather conditions and impacts. (PR#-0906-004)

Communications Q74 4-R Video Encoder 074 001 Axis 0742-001 vs AXIS P1425-LE Mk priced

Axis 0742-001 : <ul> Rugged design expanded temperature range SFP slot for fiber connection Edge storage Application Platform Power over Ethernet H. 264 and Motion JPEG streams </ul> <b> Rugged video encoder for tough environments</b> Q7424-R Mk II is a high performance 1-4 channel standalone solution that enables adaptable migration of analog s into an IP-established video surveillance system in challenging conditions. Q7424-R Mk II features a rugged design optimized to withstand vibrations, shocks and extreme temperatures. <b> Reduced bandwidth and storage needs</b> Q7424-R Mk II offers the greatly economical H. 264 video compression, which significantly decreases bandwidth and storage prerequisites without compromising image quality. Motion JPEG is supported for increased flexibility. <b> Powerful and full-shown</b> Q7424-R Mk II supports all types of analog s as well as PTZ and PTZ domes, using the fitted RS-422 and RS-485 serial port. The video encoder also will include edge storage through a fitted memory card slot. <b> adaptable interface</b> Q7424-R Mk II features an SFP slot for optional fiber connectivity, which gives the flexibility to connect the video encoder cost-effectively to the over long distances.. (Axis 0742-001)

Communications M5014-V 0553-001

0553-001 compared to AXIS 0960-001: Maker: Communications Part: 0553-001 UPC: 7331021005501 group: ing Surveillance Mounts & Enclosures Description: M5014-V PTZ Dome M5014-V PTZ Dome surveillance PTZ dustproof / waterproof / vandal-evidence 1280 x 720 720p fixed focal LAN 10/100 MPEG-4, MJPEG, H. 264 PoEKey Selling Points Pan, tilt, zoom in a vandal-tolerant casing HDTV 720p and H. 264 IP66-rated for protection against the ingress of dust and high pressure water jets IK10-rated for protection against affect and vandal acts Power over Ethernet Description Description: M5014-V NTWK CAM 720P POE 16:9 TILT ZOOM M5014-V PTZ Dome surveillance PTZ dustproof / waterproof / vandal-evidence 1280 x 720 720p fixed focal LAN 10/100 MPEG-4, MJPEG, H. 264 PoE M5014-V PTZ Dome offers 180 pan, 90 tilt and 3x digital zoom. It’s affordably priced for remote monitoring of indoor regions like schools, train stations and warehouses. M5014-V gives full frame rate video in HDTV 720p resolution. It can send many H. 264 and Motion JPEG video streams at the same time. Its perfect for installations above a window or entrance under the eaves overlooking the outside of a building, making sure no intruders access the area without the knowledge of the owner. M5014-V is ideal under ceilings at airports and other semi outdoors places where there’s a risk for vandalism. What is In The Box M5014-V PTZ Dome Software Product Description M5014-V PTZ Dome surveillance Device Type surveilla. (0553-001)

Communications P7 14 Video Encoder 0417-004 vs P1425-LE Mk AXIS reviews

0417-004: Maker: Communications Part: 0417-004 UPC: 7331021036406 group: ing Surveillance Video Recorders & Servers Description: P7214 Video Encoder P7214 Video Encoder Video server 4 channelsNotes Vendor dropships min order 5K hardware onlyKey Selling Points Full frame rate in all resolutions concurrent H. 264 and Motion JPEG Edge storage High resolution quad-view Two-way audio PTZ support Power over EthernetDescription Description: P7214 VIDEO ENCODER P7214 Video Encoder Video server 4 channels P7214 Video Encoder is a compact and cost-efficient four-channel video encoder with great video performance and excellent audio quality. It can change migration to video without upgrading present systems. P7214 gives edge storage through a microSDHC memory card slot. It supports all types of analog s as well as PTZ and PTZ domes. The encoder features both RS-422 and RS-485 for controlling analog PTZ s. Configurable inputs/outputs may be connected to external relays and sensors for activating lights, locking/unlocking doors etc. P7214 is perfect for small and medium analog video installations, particularly where an IP infrastructure is already in place. It’s intended for installation close to the s. The encoder is powered over Ethernet using the same cable as for data transmission, which simplifies installation. A power supply is included in the package. P7214 can deliver two concurrent video streams, one in H. 264 and another in Motion JPEG, at full frame rate in resolutions up to D1. The H. 264 video compression format drasticall. (0417-004)

Communications 0650-004 Q6114-E PTZ 7 0P 30X Feth PR -0650-004

PR#-0650-004 compared to AXIS 0960-001: The new Sharpdome technology included in Q61 Series gives full scene fidelity and sharp pictures in all directions above also as below the horizon. These compact PTZ s are suited for indoor and outdoor installations, in low light and challenging conditions, making them ideal for a range of applications like shopping malls, open parking regions and stadiums also as city and perimeter surveillance. ‘ Sharpdome technology with its groundbreaking me chanics and distinctive dome design gives sharp pictures in all directions. It offers the distinctive possibility to iden tify objects as much as 20 above the horizon making these s suited for uneven terrain. The Sharpdome technology will include ‘ distinctive Speed Dry function that will easily remove water drips from the dome glas and supply sharp pictures in rainy weather. Q61 Series will include Q6115-E that gives resolution up to HDTV 1080p and Q6114-E with HDTV 720p. Both models feature 30x optical zoom with autofocus. The HDTV resolution gives large area coverage also as in depth zoomed-in views. The s deliver smooth video with great detail at 50/ 60 frames per second that assists to recognize incidents in scenes with fast moving objects. Q6114-E incorporates Lightfinder technology, allowing for extreme light sensitivity in low light con ditions. The s offer large Dynamic Range dynamic catch for challenging conditions where backlight or acute contrasts are an issue. Q61 s are among the market’s fastest PTZ dome s. The fast and exact pan performance of over 700 per second makes it simple to swiftly change looking at position and follow fast moving objects. (PR#-0650-004)

AXIS 0960-001 Model variations to consider:
0960-01 090-001
0960-00 9060-001
0906-001 096-001
0960-001 060-001
0960-01 0960-010
960-001 0690-001
096-0001 09600-01
AXIS 0960-001
AXIS 0960001
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