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December 27, 2016
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Shure Handheld SLX24/SM58 Price and Specs:

  • SLX24/SM58-G4: Features include auto frequency scan with transmitter setup, exceptional wireless clarity, and Shure patented Audio Reference Commanding
  • Includes SLX2/SM58, SLX4 receiver, microphone clip, rack mount kit, two 1/4 wave antennas, power supply, 2 AA batteries, protective bumpers with 8 screws, vinyl bag, and user guide
  • SLX Wireless Systems are powerful wireless tools that can be set up quickly and used confidently by installers and working bands

Compare Shure SLX24/SM58 Handheld Wireless System G4 specs:
BLX14 SM31 Headworn with SM31FH Fitness Headset Microphone H9 BLX14 SM31-H9 vs SLX24/SM58G4

BLX14/SM31-H9: The BLX14/SM31 Head worn is part of the Head worn s family. BLX s add professional-quality sound with simple setup and an intuitive interface for legendary audio performance right out of the box. Precision-built and available in a range of configurations, its the most available way to own the stage. (BLX14/SM31-H9)

BLX1288 CVL Dual Channel Combo with PG58 and CVL Lavalier Microphone H8 BLX1288 CVL-H8

BLX1288/CVL-H8: The ideal entry-level microphone for small venues, BLX offer professional quality sound with simple setup and an intuitive interface. The BLX1288/CVL Dual-Channel Combo s add professional-quality sound with simple setup and an intuitive interface for legendary audio performance right out of the box. Precision-built and available in a range of configurations, it’s the most available way to own the stage. Will include BLX88 dual-channel receiver, BLX1 bodypack transmitter, BLX2/PG58 transmitter, CVL lavalier microphone, power supply, microphone clip, lavalier clip, lavalier windscreens, and user guide. Transmitter form factors include, bodypack, headworn, lavalier, instrument clip-on, and combo. Single-channel, dual-channel, and rack mount receiver alternatives available. Powered with AA batteries. Offers a 24 MHz tuning bandwidth and up to 12 well-matched s per frequency band Features: Bodypack Transmitter Up to 14 hours of uninterrupted use with 2 AA batteries. 300 ft transmission radius. Dual Channel Receiver Dual channel receiver with microprocessor-controlled interior antenna diversity. Lavalier Condenser Microphone Clip-on lavalier condenser microphone in a discreet, miniature form factor ideal for professional presentations. Works with s. Microphone Transmitter Featuring an integrated PG58 microphone cartridge, the BLX2/PG58 Microphone Transmitter delivers audio with professional clearness and dependability. Up to 12 well-matched s per frequency band One-touch QuickScan frequency selection quickly locates the best open frequency in case of interferenceUp to 14 hours of uninterrupted use from 2 AA batteries Up to 300 ft operating range for total freedomXLR and ¼” output connectorsRugged and dependable constructionLegendary microphones alternatives. (BLX1288/CVL-H8)

BLX24 PG58 with PG58 Vocal Microphone J10 BLX24 PG58-J10 vs SLX-24/SM-58-G-4

BLX24/PG58-J10: The BLX Vocal from joins world-class design and construction with simple and easy setup and operation, featuring QuickScan frequency selection and the reliable PG58 professional quality vocal microphone capsule for lead and backup vocal performance applications. Legendary sound and performance, right out of the box. Included: BLX4 receiver; BLX2/PG58 transmitter with integrated PG58 cardioid dynamic microphone capsule; microphone clip. (BLX24/PG58-J10)

PGXD24 BETA58-X8 Digital with BETA58A Vocal Microphone PGXD24 BETA58-X8 vs Shure Handheld SLX24/SM58’s for sale

PGXD24/BETA58-X8 vs SLX-24/SM-58-G-4: View bigger PGXD24/BETA58-X8 Digital with Beta 58A Transmitter The PGXD24/BETA58 is part of the s family. PGX Digital, with state-of-the-art, 24-bit audio and reliable microphones, delivers stunning sound and a strong, clean RF signal. (PGXD24/BETA58-X8)

WBH54B Headworn Vocal Microphone vs SLX24/SM58-G4

WBH54B compared to SLX24/SM58-G4: The WBH54 is a subminiature, electret condenser head worn microphone. It gives uncompromised sound quality and dependability with minimal visibility in applications like broadcast, theater, and touring. In spite of their small size, the condenser element delivers full, clear, and natural reproduction of speech and vocals. The microphone features a lasting, low-profile wire frame headband which is completely adjustable for stability and comfort. A plastic carrying case guards the microphone. (WBH54B)

QLXD24 B58 with BETA 58A Vocal Microphone G50 QLXD24 B58-G50 vs Shure SLX24/SM58 Handheld reviewed

QLXD24/B58-G50 vs SLX24/SM58-G4: QLX-D Digital s deliver defined, simplified performance with transparent 24-bit audio. Combining professional features with simplified setup and operation, QLX-D offers remaining functionality for calling for live sound events and installations. digital technology enables QLX-D to transmit in depth audio with expanded, virtually flat frequency answer. Intended to be very RF spectrum economical, QLX-D reliably operates more channels on-air than any other in its class. Auto channel scan and IR sync make finding and assigning an open frequency fast and easy. Ethernet connection gives networked channel scanning across many receivers and Workbench 6 control software compatibility for advanced frequency coordination. AES-256 encryption comes standard and may be easily enabled for secure transmission. Well-matched with the SB900 lithium-ion battery, QLX-D rechargeable power alternatives supply dramatic long-term cost savings and expanded transmitter battery life over alkaline batteries, with battery metering that reports left over runtime in hours and minutes. With obviously defined performance, QLX-D delivers the new in technology novelty from. (QLXD24/B58-G50)

SLX2 SM58 Transmitter with SM58 Microphone G5 SLX2 SM58 -G5

SLX2/SM58=-G5 compared to SLX24/SM58-G4: Rock the onstage without the pesky cable. ‘s outstandingly awesome SLX2/SM58 microphone/transmitter is perfect for all types of phases, so you know it is gonna work great. This setup gives you the legendary SM58 mic capsule, which means superior performance, great sound, and excellent feedback rejection. SLX2/SM58 is the classic cardioid dynamic microphone you know and love. But this one comes with a fitted transmitter. And, that transmitter although compact and seamlessly integrated does an remaining job. You may be able to sync the transmitter to your receiver at the touch of a button, and works great up to 300’. How cool is that. (SLX2/SM58=-G5)

A89LW-SFT Rycote Softie Windshield for VP89L vs Shure Handheld SLX24/SM58 priced

A89LW-SFT : Worked on by with Rycote, the A89LW-SFT Softie Windshield is a slip-on open-cell bubble windshield with integral fur cover intended particularly for the VP89L End-Address Shotgun Condenser Microphone. Advanced materials, adhesives, and assembly methods make the softie an very tough product that gives excellent wind protection in the harshest of environments. Specially intended acoustic bubble and synthetic fur decrease wind sound up to 25 dB without any adverse effect on high frequency. Lasting materials aren’t influenced by UV or moisture damage, allowing for a long product life. (A89LW-SFT)

PGXD2 SM58 -X8 Transmitter with SM58 Microphone PGXD2 SM58 -X8

PGXD2/SM58=-X8 compared to SLX24/SM58-G4: PGXD2/SM58 Transmitter with SM58 Mic. The PGXD2/SM58 Transmitter with SM58 Mic is intended to meet the needs of the traveling performer by pairing an business-standard dynamic vocal microphone with an exceptional transmitter for use with ‘s PGXD. The PGXD2 transmitter features auto setup, a multi-function LED display, and gives you with 8 hours of uninterrupted use on 2 AA batteries. It gives you and your microphone a generous 200’ operating range without losing audio quality. The SM58 mic is legendary for its uncanny capability to withstand abuse that could destroy any other microphone. The SM58 hasn’t only helped to define the sound of rock vocals on stage, it is also been used as a hammer to build phases and gone on to do flawlessly afterward at the gig. Using a club’s house ? you will be singing through an SM58. And in the studio? Daniel Lanois generally uses the SM58 or Beta 58 on Bono’s vocals. The SM58 mic is world-renowned for its distinctive upper-midrange presence peak that assures an intelligible, lively sound. Perfectly fits a performer’s hand, balanced for total comfort throughout long gigs. Frequency answer is a smooth, vocal-tailored 50Hz-15kHz, and the price is a bargain considering its life expectancy. Besides the SM58 microphone and PGXD2 transmitter you also get a padded carrying case and microphone clip. (PGXD2/SM58=-X8)

BLX14R MX53 Headworn with MX153 Earset Microphone Rack Mount J10 BLX14R MX53-J10 vs Shure SLX24/SM58 Handheld reviews

BLX14R/MX53-J10: BLX s add professional quality sound with simple setup and an intuitive interface for legendary audio performance right out of the box. Precision built and available in a range of configurations, it is the most available way to own the stage. Rack mountable and featuring rugged metal construction, the BLX4R offers simple setup and intuitive controls. One touch QuickScan frequency selection quickly locates the best open frequency in case of interference. Removable antennas let for fast antenna distribution. Legendary sound and performance, right out of the box. Ear set will include: BLX4R 1/2 Rack, Single Channel Receiver, BLX1 Bodypack Transmitter, MX153T/O TQG Earset, Single and Dual Rack Mount Kit, 1/4 Wave Antennas, Zippered Transmitter Accessory Bag, PS23US Power Supply and AA Batteries. (BLX14R/MX53-J10)

P3TRA215CL PSM300 Stereo Personal Monitor with SE215-CL Earphones J13 P3TRA215CL-J13

P3TRA215CL-J13 compared to SLX24/SM58-G4: PSM300 Professional Stereo Personal Monitor s deliver in depth 24-bit audio and dependable freedom to every corner of the stage. Patented Audio Reference Commanding assures the clearest sound, with super-low sound and no artifacts. Reliable coverage extends over 300 ft. of range and removes dropouts. Easy to setup and operate, PSM300 s offer one-touch frequency scan and sync to find and assign a clean channel. Change the volume and use Mix Mode technology or stereo mode to create a personal mix from two channels of audio. Professional s include the P3RA body pack receiver, which features lasting aluminum construction, advanced audio controls, and optional recharge capability with the SB900 lithium ion rechargeable battery. P3TRA215CL s come with SE215CL Sound Isolating Earphones for in depth sound, improved bass and up to 37 dB of separation. (P3TRA215CL-J13)

SLX24/SM58-G4 Model variations to consider:
SLX24/S58-G4 SLX24/SM5-8G4
SLX24/S5M8-G4 SX24/SM58-G4
SLX24/SM58G4 SLX2/4SM58-G4
SLX24/M58-G4 SLX4/SM58-G4
SLX24S/M58-G4 SL2X4/SM58-G4
LX24/SM58-G4 SXL24/SM58-G4
SLX24/SM58-G SLX24/SM58G-4
SLX24/SM8-G4 SLX42/SM58-G4
SL24/SM58-G4 SLX24/SM58-4
SLX-24/SM-58-G-4 SLX24/SM58-G4
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